Do you have a story to tell?

New book: Away For The Holidays
We do! 
A group of military veterans, meet once a month in North San Diego to share their life and stories. "Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, always ringing true," but found nowhere else. 

Now you can laugh, cry, and live out these experiences with us; if you can't physically join us, with our new book. "Away for the Holidays is more than just a good read. It offers a window -- several windows — into the experience of the modern veteran." 
New book: Away For The Holidays
Find out what the Writers Guild Foundation, Robert Ben Garant, and Rocky J. Chavez all have to say about this book here. By the way, all proceeds from this book go to helping veterans "to share and inspire others through their stories." 

" The key to success as a writer, is to write so much that it's not an effort to write any more"  
Robert Ben Garant

The Veterans Writing Group of San Diego County is passionate about writing and improving the process needed to tell our stories. We are Military Veterans learning to write our story in our own words may it be fiction or not. Please email us a message, comment or recommendations that will assist us in helping others write their story.