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Reaching Out

Veteran Pilots
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Old Bold Pilots Association of San Diego

These letters of appreciation validate our mission to preserve and disseminate our veterans' stories.
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     Alexa Kingaard presented her new book My Name is Rose at the Oceanside Street Fair.

Dr. Vernita Black with The Invisible Wounds of Stress

    Dr. Vernita Black with her book The Invisible Wounds of Stress at the Oceanside Street Fair.

Shara French  of Veterans' Writing Group

    Shara French welcoming visitors to the VWG booth at the Oceanside Street Fair.

Kris Thorsten, Gary Sinese, Garry Garretson

    Poet Kris Thorsten (left) and writer Garry Garretson (right) meet Gary Sinise at his local book signing.

With Congressman Mike Levin

    Meeting with California 49th District Congressman Mike Levin.

Bruce Rowe,
Apr 13, 2020, 9:57 AM