August Meeting Recap

posted Aug 6, 2018, 4:53 PM by Bruce Rowe
One of our largest groups convened on Aug. 4 and discussed these topics:
  • The "Avenue of Heroes" in Coronado has an opportunity for writers. Vets who have at one time lived in Coronado are periodically featured on banners that hang along 3rd and 4th Streets in Coronado. Writers are needed to write the profiles of the featured vets. More on the Coronado Avenue of Heroes. Contact Ron Pickett at VWG for more info on writing a profile.
  • Writing Groups are encouraged for all who want to improve their craft. Links to groups hosted at local libraries follow:
  • Adam Lottes, owner and creator of The Secret Stash joined us. The site features local authors in four cities, including San Diego, that Adam promotes on the site and through his social media channels. Keep Forever from our own Alexa Kingaard is one featured book. Look for Listen Up! to soon be there too.
  • Alexa was also recently interviewed on the San Diego CBS affiliate. Watch Keep Forever - Sharing her story of PTSD.
  • Shara French talked about her efforts to establish a group for women vets. She says she wants it to be a "safe space" for women to tell their stories. For more info contact Shara at frenchshara at
  • Randy schooled us in the use of the semicolon, including two simple rules:
    • A semicolon should be used only where a period could also be used: in other words, a semicolon should separate two complete sentences.
    • The complete sentences a semicolon separates should be two closely related thoughts.
    • Also - run-on sentences and "comma splices" are fundamental grammar mistakes that can often be fixed with the semicolon. Try to find and correct them, lest your reader question your credibility.
Hope to see you at our next meeting, September 1.