July Meeting Recap

posted Jul 23, 2019, 11:52 AM by Bruce Rowe   [ updated Jul 23, 2019, 12:01 PM ]
We welcomed two first-time attendees:
  • Robert is a Marine who served in Viet Nam. He enjoys writing short stories
  • George is a former Navy pilot and also a Viet Nam vet. He also flew for many years doing low-level pipeline patrols in the Southwest. He's working on a memoir.
Ron announced story requirements and due dates for our third book: Stories That Need to be Told. We look forward to seeing your stories.
  • Length of about 2,500 words
  • Edit them first with apps like Microsoft Word tools or Grammerly so they are in better shape prior to our final edits as we assemble the book
  • Active members of the group will get priority for publishing, but all entries are welcomed
  • Ideas or outlines due by end of August - the sooner the better
  • Draft stories due by end of September - the sooner the better
  • Include a signed Contributor Agreement with your submission (find file below)
  • Submit stories to Ron for assignment to group editors
Ron has added our group to Meetups

Writers reading:
  • Ron wrote a "fanciful" account of flying with A-bomb onboard his single-seater plane, though he used to train for such an event by loading up a bomb and taxing to the catapult. But that's as far as it would go.
  • Bobby read a two-way poem - "A new way of life" - one that can be read forwards or backwards - between a warfighter and spouse.
  • Paul read more about his adventures from The Solomon Sea. This one about precious water for washing onboard a submarine, and how his much-anticipated bath was interrupted by a General Quarters call, to the delight of his crew mates.
  • Robert read a story about the anxiety of shipping out to Da Nang as an 18-year-old, then a peaceful, spiritual experience with local monks inside a hollowed out peak.
  • George told about a return flight to Viet Nam, flying a U.S. congressman to the country later in the 70s. And how animosity still was in the air.
  • Luz continued reading her "The Invisible Wound" story about her battle with PTSD over a sexual assault by another Marine while serving. The heavy impact was made greater by the Marine Corps preaching of "family" among sister and brother Marines, with parallels to incest adding to the trauma.
Next meeting is August 17. Join us then at VANC in Oceanside.
Bruce Rowe,
Jul 23, 2019, 11:56 AM