May Meeting Recap

posted May 22, 2019, 10:04 AM by Bruce Rowe


Poetry reading and feedback. Discussion about future direction. One option is to start with a tutorial about the many forms of poetry, to help writers determine if poetry is right for them, or to give poets knowledge of their options.

Agenda for the VWG Meeting:

  • Selection of a representative from the VWG at the Memorial Day Ceremony on 5/27 at VANC. Paul Curtis will represent our Group.
  • Listing of writing contests and other writing opportunities to be posted on the website
  • Replacement for "very" in writing - a list of alternatives to avoid using and provide more concrete descriptions
  • Discussion about the time line for the next book, tentatively titled Stories That Need To Be Told
  • Excel of past meeting development topics and a request for feedback about future development needs and suggestions
  • Reading, Feedback and suggestions by three authors (Tom Calabrese, Rahn Harding, Charlie Wyatt, and Dante Purcetti)

Please visit this website to see a list of publishers looking for poetry submissions: AuthorPublish. Try to submit one of your stories prior to our next meeting! Need some ideas? Check with Ron.

SAVE THE DATE - Next VWG meeting, June 15