Book: Away For The Holidays

posted Oct 24, 2016, 12:55 PM by Michael Wood   [ updated Nov 27, 2018, 2:23 PM by Bruce Rowe ]
Laugh, cry, and support us by living out these experiences in our new book that can be purchased today on Amazon for only $10.00.
Away For The Holidays - Veterans Writing Group

Away for The Holidays is a collection of stories written by veterans in the Veterans Writing Group San Diego. Each shares a story of celebrating holidays--that time of family, food, friendship and relative safety-- far from those they love. Their stories are heartwarming and heart-rending, funny and frightening as they recall Christmas’ spent on the battlefields of World War II, Vietnam or Kandahar. 

For the civilian reader, these under-the-helmet stories reveal the everyday sacrifices, camaraderie, and pride of our military. For those who have served, these stories will bring back memories of being young and away from home for the holidays. 

Authors include Jack McDaniel, Terry Severhill, William Swanson, Charlie Wyatt, Dolph Brostrom, Shirley Turner, Glen Foss, Richard Hayward, Jerry Watson, Bud Parson, Robert Caudill, Thomas Calabrese, Dante Pucetti, Garry G. Garretson, Chuck Rabel, Ron Pickett, Joe Snyder, Terry Moon, Ramon Garcia, Stacey Thompson,
and Jack Autrey.

What do others say about the book?

The Writers Guild Foundation is thrilled that our Veterans Writing Project alumni continue to share and inspire others through their stories. We are proud that the Veterans Writing Group San Diego County has taken the lessons and mentorship from the program and produced a moving anthology of diverse voices and experiences.
Katie Buckland, Executive Director, Writers Guild Foundation

Away for the Holidays is more than just a good read. It offers a windowseveral windows—into the experience of the modern veteran. The book’s many, very different veteran writers, each with their own experiences and perspectives, tell honest, eloquent, and moving tales of what it’s like to be who they are: Americans who served their country.  Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, always ringing true. You should read this. You’ll be glad you did.
Robert Ben Garant,  screenwriter, author, producer, director, actor, comedian and mentor

Serving in the military is an experience that defines a person.  Young people usually start their careers in their teens or early 20’s, while still developing who they are and searching for answers. These experiences can be in combat or just interacting with other young people in a barracks, ship or aircraft.  Either setting, it defines who they will be the rest of their lives. I strongly recommend Away for the Holidays, by the Veterans’ Writing Group San Diego, if you want to understand the experiences of a Veteran.  This is not TV, but reality as seen through the eyes of mature Veterans reflecting on their unique experiences as a young service member.
Colonel Rocky J. Chavez USMC (ret), California Assembly Member, 76th District