NPR Project Update

posted Jun 15, 2016, 6:18 AM by Ron Pickett   [ updated Nov 3, 2017, 2:47 PM by Bruce Rowe ]

Many thanks to all the writers who participated in the PBS filming for your time and openness on this project. I think we had a much bigger impact on them than they expected. 

We knew that most of our meeting would end up “on the cutting room floor,” however, I’m impressed that the attitude of the editing crew was as attentive, interested and involved as Ramon Garcia indicates in the email he sent: 

"One of our film editors sent me a rough draft of the San Diego Writers Group piece. I have no say in the editing process besides raising flags and giving notes to what the producers have already cut. That being said, it pretty much is the Stacey piece with good interaction in the Writers Group. It will definitely be a strong piece as typically I see a chain of frustration notes from team members. For this piece it was a lot of silence and early praise. Thank you for all of your coordination and allowing us to spend an evening with the group.  Ample comments made it into the piece from some members of the Writers Group as well. I look forward to seeing what is done with the final piece PBS releases."


We haven't heard when this will air....there will be some social media going out soon and I will let you know when that happens.


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