September Meeting

posted Sep 29, 2019, 3:35 PM by Bruce Rowe   [ updated Sep 29, 2019, 3:47 PM ]
Welcome to two first-time attendees.
  • VWG participating in California Center for the Book program, supporting 18 Community Conversations with Veterans initiatives at 20 library locations across California. Library staff members will create community partnerships and engage veterans, their families, and the community.
  • Join us at Fallbrook Library Writers Read where VWG will be featured with stories. Date is November 12.
Authors Read
  • George read his piece about "once a fighter pilot, always a fighter pilot" where he landed a helicopter on the deck of a ship. This despite having NEVER piloted a helo before.
  • Tom said he isn't much of a poet, but read his great poem about being a risk-taker and taking chances.
  • Charlie read another story from his collection about the cars he's owned. This time about "Dammit," which he bought when his budget was just $100. And named by his niece who'd heard Charlie curse the balky machine.
  • Vernita read "Don't Judge Me" about first being scrutinized as one of the first women - and women of color - aboard ship. And later, for wounds not visible, but physical and real.
  • Bob read about combat troops and God, and his solemn duty of praying over dead comrades as he wrapped them for transport back to the states.
  • Daphne read a story about her experience as the only black child at her school. It was one of getting her education, but also educating others about herself and her culture.
  • Garry read "Beach Boy to Buff Driver" about B-52 missions.
Tip for learning to write dialog  - watch movies with closed-captioning on. Also will show you screenwriting directions. (Thanks to Tom Calabrese for this one.)