Professional writers team with veterans to help them tell their stories

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Writers Guild program teaches writing to men and women who are back from combat zones.

May 23, 2010|By Elaine Kagan

Bruce Knight, a ground surveillance operator with the U.S. Army Airborne Rangers for more than four years, fingers the chain out from under his T-shirt and eight dog tags clatter against his chest. "Maybe I'll write about them," he says, clutching the tags in his hand. Knight wants to write about what went down in Somalia. He wants to write about being shot in the back by a sniper in Panama. He wants to write about what he doesn't discuss with his wife and sons. Tall and broad-shouldered with a perfectly clipped black-and-white haircut, Knight, 42, is an intense, formidable man. "I'll write the truth," he says, cool eyes narrowing, "the way it really was."