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The stories in our third book are primarily meant to entertain, but we hope they do much more. The advent of the all-volunteer force in 1973 has led to a separation of the majority of the American public from those who choose to serve in the military. We believe we have captured a couple dozen slices of military life; stories that describe terror and boredom, friendship and conflict, sacrifice and selfishness. We hope you will enjoy the stories - stories that must be told before they are lost forever, stories that will entertain and educate.

These stories and poems were written by 27 authors, many of whom are being published for the first time. They represent all branches of service, spanning several decades and five conflicts. We are especially pleased to present stories by seven women. We believe this enhances the breadth and depth of the military experiences related.

Each story in this collection shares a tale of celebrating holidays--that time of family, food, friendship and relative safety-- far from those they love. Their stories are heartwarming and heart-rending, funny and frightening as they recall Christmas’ spent on the battlefields of World War II, Vietnam or Kandahar.

We donate our books to those who serve our Veterans. Read letters of appreciation from some of those groups.