Tribute to Our Troops

Post date: Oct 11, 2013 9:57:11 PM

Saturday Evening Post

Tribute to Our Troops

The noble courageous men and women of the Armed Forces take an oath to defend the United States, the Constitution and the citizens of our great country. With this oath comes the pledge and heartfelt promise to make the ultimate sacrifice if and when the situation demands it.

Marine Corps, Army Navy, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard. The men of these services are the finest that this nation has to offer. They walk a path of honor, duty and integrity that few choose to thread. When the call to arms is sounded, our military doesn’t hesitate to respond.

The history of our military’s courageous exploits is directly related to the evolution of our country; Bunker Hill, Gettysburg, Argonne Forest, Battle of the Bulge, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq and Afghanistan. The United States of America isn’t just built on steel, wood and concrete. It is built on the sacrifices of our military. Our flag is a constant tribute to our troops. Old Glory does not fly without our military. When I lay my head down at night to rest, I express my undying gratitude to American troops all around the world who allow me to be free.

Thomas G. Calabrese

Oceanside, Ca 92057