Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes: April 2024

VWG SD BOD Quarterly Meeting Minutes


Date: April 19, 2024


Attendees: Garry Garretson

Dante Puccetti

Glen Foss

Armen Kurdian

Paul Krueger

Shara French

Luz Thompson

Tim Walsh


Agenda Items:


1. Introduction and Review of Previous Meeting:

·         The meeting began with a review of the previous discussion.

·         Points from the previous meeting were summarized for clarity.


2. Discussion on Google Workspace Account:

·         The conversation shifted towards the Google Workspace account.

·         It was proposed that the organization, being a nonprofit, should have a free Google Workspace account.

·         Benefits of having a Google Workspace account for nonprofits were discussed, including access to tools like Google Sites and Looker for data analytics.


3. Proposal Evaluation and Coordination:

·         A proposal from Mario was mentioned, and there was a discussion on coordinating his proposal.

·         Mario's proposal was considered for transferring existing operations into a digital transformation system.

·         Concerns were raised regarding the need for Mario to coordinate with the board and clarify the scope of his proposal.


4. Budget Discussion:

·         Budgetary considerations were brought up in relation to Mario's proposal.

·         Initial funding for Mario's work was suggested, with a trial period of two months mentioned.

·         Discussion ensued regarding the allocation of funds and the need for a formal proposal from Mario.


5. Technical Setup and Archiving:

·         Technical aspects of setting up Google Workspace and archiving data were discussed.

·         Plans were made to transfer existing information to Google Workspace and create a system for archiving data effectively.

·         Considerations for purchasing external hard drives for data backup were raised.


6. Social Media Strategy:

·         The importance of social media presence, particularly on LinkedIn, was emphasized.

·         Discussion revolved around aligning social media content with relevant military events and establishing a calendar for social media postings.

·         Strategies for increasing social media engagement and exploring opportunities for tabling at events were discussed.


7. Website and Media Kit:

·         Plans to update the organization's website were mentioned, including the creation of a media kit.

·         The importance of having a clear mission statement and accessible information on the website was highlighted.


8. Meeting Schedule:

·         Discussion regarding the timing of future meetings took place.

·         Suggestions were made to adjust the meeting schedule to accommodate attendees' availability and streamline meeting duration.


Action Items:

1. Mario to provide a formal proposal for review by the board.

2. Coordinate with Mario regarding the trial period and initial funding.

3. Set up Google Workspace account and transfer existing data.

4. Purchase external hard drives for data backup.

5. Develop a social media strategy aligned with military events.

6. Create a media kit for distribution at events.

7. Review and update the organization's website, including the mission statement.

8. Adjust meeting schedule as per attendees' availability.


Next Meeting: To be scheduled, considering revised meeting timings and availability of attendees.