Three Phase In The Life of Leroy

Post date: Jun 01, 2013 6:41:55 PM

Three Phase In The Life of Leroy

Not the way I was raised, my street fighting phase.

It was a street king thing

No timers or rules like a ring

A poor area, the neighborhood rough

The last man standing, I thought I was tough

Not liking school in spite of my mom cries

I didn’t need books, I was street wise.

Being bad in front of the other guys.

I only cared how I look in their eyes.

It was just a phase ending during the war in Vietnam.

I left a street punk and came back a man.

So happy coming home to America in one piece and alive. Sure I party and chase women like there are no tomorrow. Some years later I married, a baby girl was born, I name her Precious. Divorce follow soon after that I didn’t put up a fight just signed the papers, paid her child support payment.

She blamed me, still chasing women and pouring down beers. I kept saying I will quit but that day never appear.

My Precious will soon be 18 year old. Today was that day, so glad that this was going to be my final payment. Months after month, years after year, all those payments. I called my baby girl over, told her to take this check to your mothers house and tell her this is the last check she’s ever getting from me. Come back and tell me about the expression on your mothers face. I waited anxiously to hear what she would say and the look on her face.

My daughter came back through my front door and I ask, “what did your mother say about that?” She said to tell you, “you aren’t my Dad,” and watch the expression on your face.

I never forgot that day my Precious said I wasn’t her Dad. I stopped drinking after that.

Having just entered into retirement age

Entering into this new unknown phase.

A phase in my life where I must set new goal

To stay busy, keep that zest in life, not to grow old.

Children, friends, and family move on.

I watch in wondrous amazement from sunset to dawn

I look back to reminisce, and reflect.

Everything loved lost, thoughts to collect.

The things these strained eyes have seen.

The sorrow, joy, beauty life brings.

Learning crises are events that are blessed.

I watch and cried while family and friends laid to rest.

No one knows when its their time to go.

How many more mountains high or low.

I’ll keeps Jesus close to my heart.

When I finish this life, I’ll get a new start.

The start of a new phase, never ending Bliss.

To all that have now or will ever exist.

The last and final phase never ends.

Its is as they say, “TRUE LIFE BEGINS.”

By: Robert Yonan (04-29-2013 )