Here I Am, Send Me!

Post date: Apr 30, 2020 9:8:56 PM

Should I go? What should I do then? What is my best avenue?

Do I serve those far away, starving for food or seeking truth that is long overdue?

Should I first provide for my family, church, and community as I do this internal review?

Do I serve food lines, educate others, or create jobs so others can renew?

Do I wait for the answer or just jump into a service commitment to just any Kalamazoo?

Is feeding, housing and supporting my family a full time job until I am black and blue?

Do I serve others so I can sleep well at night, or just rely on luck from a horseshoe?

Do I have a calling to get me going each day, not needing an alarm clock, ready to renew,

Knowing our works is just a sign of our faith, not to get credit, from others critical review?

How do I listen carefully and not miss a mission that is long overdue?

Intelligent voting is a great way to serve those who only wait for other to do,

We stop those pretenders whose words are not what they intend to brew,

We block candidates without integrity, without an active plan, only a derringer-do.

We curtail those with a secret path, which does not serve the mass crew.

Should I get on a ballot and become a gumshoe and go through the election interview?

Do I lead in business by creating ideas and support others in the queue?

Do I take hard workers who show up, ready to work, with the right attitude always true?

Do I mentor those who have enough intellect and perseverance who have proven to be few?

How do we get true task and project finishers to get their proper due?

How do we ensure that others are pulling some up and pushing others ahead to the right view?

Am I an entrepreneur or that animal in the zoo, or just voiding the internal revenue?

The world has too many evil doers walking the paths, hurting others in each Kathmandu,

That requires the brave to take up arms to protect the weak and lame before it is overdue?

We must elect leaders with integrity who seek truth, who are not just a speech and a hairdo.

We must hat to send our best into combat and must cry when signing the order if it is due.

Do I have the courage? Would I support those who do, providing them with a clear view??

Teachers serve every day, but they are better when they give truth to chew

Helping the little ones understands the big picture and how the details fit the overview.