Coronado Hometown Heroes Banner Committee

Post date: Aug 09, 2017 3:23:36 PM

From: tatojohn <>

To: ronp70000 <>

Sent: Wed, Aug 2, 2017 11:22 am

Subject: Avenue of Heroes Banner Recipients


The Coronado Hometown Heroes Banner Committee is finalizing the list of veterans who will be honored with banners along the Avenue of Heroes in November. As you know part of the program is to prepare biographies of the banner recipients. In the past you have volunteered to prepare one or more of these biographies. The purpose of this notes it to request your continued assistance.

The ceremony for the next round of banner recipients is scheduled for November 4. As in the past the biographies will be read at the ceremony and they will be printed in the event's program. For the ceremony our desire is to receive biographies that are approximately 250 words in length. Note that if you are willing to prepare a biography, you may also prepare a longer version of up to approximately 600 words for publication in the Coronado Journal/Eagle. To permit adequate to time to produce the program for the ceremony, we need to receive the 250 word biographies by October 6. The longer versions can be provided some time thereafter.

Please get back to me at your earliest convenience to let me know if you are willing to prepare a biography.


J Tato