Lockdown in Paradise

Post date: Mar 16, 2021 5:11:7 PM

Today [3-11-2021] marks the first anniversary of the day our world came to a standstill. We braced for the unknown and had a difficult time wrapping our heads around the unfolding future.

When my original departure date from Hawaii was delayed, and grim headlines relentlessly blasted across the airwaves and internet, I started a reflective journal to share with my readers. My thoughts were all-consuming, and every unfamiliar step I took was noteworthy. I wrote every Saturday about the week past, reflecting on family, friends, neighbors, and the human condition.

When I returned home to California the end of May, I cleaned up grammatical errors, created this amateurish cover of a coffee table book, and considered publishing my experiences during our first thirteen weeks of the Pandemic. That didn't happen, but this last year is etched in my heart and mind as a lesson in what we all need and crave...human touch, kindness, compassion...and reinforced my belief that, "I don't need it all, I just need enough."

We are all changed from this otherworldly experience fraught with suffering and pain, and our connection to one another is real. The future depends on our ability to get along with one another.

To my loved ones, friends, acquaintances, the planet...I wish everyone a safe and healthy return to the normalcy that awaits. Take care and stay well.