The Messenger

Post date: Jun 01, 2013 6:38:6 PM

The Messenger

On December 25,1998 I died at the Los Angeles Harbor General Hospital in the city of Carson, due to a massive heart attack. My time of death was recorded by Dr. Burstein M.D. in the emergency room at 7:15 pm.

In route to the hospital I was in and out of consciousness, I could hear the sound of the siren in the ambulance. I was wheeled in the emergency room the last thing I remembered was becoming very angry at my 14 year niece. Her mother and a friend of the family were in the house as this happen. They tried to calm me down, I keep yelling at her. I cant remember why I was so mad, however I died on Christmas day.

Suddenly I awoken. as my eyes open I realized that I was in some kind of a dark cave. The air was so disgusting! It smelled like rotten dead animals. The ground that I was standing on was ankle deep with this sticky gooey, gunkey sludge. I began to feel a severe headache. The heat was unbearable. I asked myself what is this place? Why am I here. At a distanced I could see a hazy light. As I got closer toward the glow. I could hear howling sounds coming from the same direction of the light. I turned a corner reaching what look like the end of a cliff. It was a cliff, I looked down then soon realize that terrifying sound was a sea of people in torment. I was in HELL!

I couldn’t do anything but stand there and watch. Why am I here? I keep asking my self. I began to yell and scream out somebody help, please somebody help me. I could see the blasting fire from hell, eternity was there. To both of my knees I fell. I never shook so hard as I was overcome by fear. It was to late to plea, judgment day was here. I had plenty of time to pray, ask forgiveness and repent but I didn’t worry about my sinning and how my life was spent. I cried and cried. I was condemn forever and ever.

I didn’t want to see anymore. Just then I heard a thunderous sound erupt. I looked up and saw hundreds of thousands of people falling into hell in two different locations. The one below me was like a huge lake of fire and brimstone. The other location was toward my right where the liquid was much thicker like molten lava and redder. I could see little cubby holes and huge cave along the side of a wall above the lava. Still shaken, I lean forward to get a better view. I watched as the people splash down. You could hear their horrible eerie screams, as their body bobbled up and down. With no mercy in sight they were tormented beyond belief. I saw there skin pealing off there bodies, disfigured, in excruciating pain on their faces.

As I saw the last humans fall in hell. Demons looking creatures crawled out of there caves. There were so many of them. The demons would reach down and pull up some of the humans. As soon as the humans were on the foot of the caves 20 to 30 more came out and did unimaginable pain onto them. I watched as the demons tore their bodies apart in anguishing pain over and over. As their body parts would grow back, there torture was forever and ever.

I heard Satan demonic laughter coming from the fire and smoke. I couldn’t see him but he knew I was here. He yelled at me calling my name, and said “your mine”! I will torture you forever, and never tire.” Satan ordered his demons to drag me to hells torturous eternal fire and smoke. I was crying, screaming, trembling, pleading to GOD. The demons were getting closer here on the same ground I was standing on. Suddenly, a bright light surrounded me like a shield a soft voice saying,“ come here.” At that moment my trembling stopped and a sense of peace came over me. I turned around and walked toward the center of the light. There in the midst of the light were two doors. One was marked Heaven and the other door Earth. The voice of peace told me to choose.

I am here today because GOD allowed me to see the different levels of hell and the torment there. I chose to be here on earth to tell you what I saw was real. I don’t what anyone to go to hell. Take heed to my word. I tell you the truth. There is a spiritual realm and its real, a place of future punishment. The final destination for all unbelievers. I asked GOD, “what do I have to do to stay out of hell.” I hear a voice saying to me in four words, “GET TO KNOW ME.”

GOD wants me to share my story. Its has been over 15 years since I had that out of body experience. Today I travel throughout the land. I speak in churches, villages and everywhere telling this story. My time will come, I have no fear of death, for I know were my soul will rest. I learned of GOD.GOD is love. He has an eternal kingdom. There shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor pain.

Blessed are you who keeps my saying of this story. I am the Messenger…..

By: Robert Yonan (02-02-2013)